Fuel Economy

Fuel Economy With AdBlue

The average AdBlue consumption amounts to 1.5 litre per one hundred kilometres. That constitutes 4-5% of fuel consumption volume for vehicles complying with the Euro-4 standard and around 6% of fuel consumption volume for vehicles complying with the Euro-5 standard. There are several factors that influence AdBlue consumption, including the quality of fuel and the engine operating mode (engine load).

At the moment all motor trucks to be newly registered are equipped with on-board diagnostics systems (OBD) that allow exhaust gas toxicity parameters to be monitored. These systems will warn the driver that the fuel tank has run out of AdBlue. If the driver keeps going without AdBlue, the diagnostics system will activate the engine torque limiting device that allows the engine to reach only 60% of its maximum torque and records the data about vehicle movement without AdBlue.

When AdBlue is used, engine operation is optimised, the emission of particles is reduced, and fuel energy is maximised. Another important result of the process is the average reduction of fuel consumption by 5%. Moreover, another opportunity to cut down expenses will arise because lower road taxes apply to trucks that use AdBlue on the roads of the EU.

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