Turnkey Plant

AdBlue Turnkey Production Plant

We sell AdBlue production plant .We produce different capacities dissolving units by demand.
This production plants serves the exclusive purpose of solving urea prills in de-ionized water and there by , the manufacture of urea solution e.g. AdBlue® (32.5%urea solution).Our company will fascilitate to design,develop and Install a part or whole plant dependng upon the situation.

Other components of the plant like storage tanks,dispensing systems,Tank gauging systems,integrated pump systems, flowmeters,urea quality sensor etc are procured locally in India if required to avoid high cost and import duties.

The company will design the blending production facilities to meet your DEF manufacturing needs.You will have the flexibility to adjust the blend ratios depending upon the price of DEF,customer demand and type of customer.Apart from flexibility in manufacturing you will have fully automated system to incease output.

The components are ISO 22241 compatible which decreases the liability ,risk associated while supplying liquids.All the components are thoroughly checked and tested before actuall installation of the facility.


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